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An: To: UNESCO, World Heritage Centre, Paris State Rhineland-Palatinate, Prime Minister Malu Dreyer


What is required?
We demand the immediate cessation of all further construction work on the Loreley Plateau. The existing natural and cultural landscape must be preserved and promoted.

Warum ist das wichtig?

Why is this required
Legends entwine themselves around the Loreley Rock, sagas and myths dedicated to the young woman who sits on the rock in the Rhine and bewitches the skippers on the river with her charm and the song: "I don't know what it means that i`m so sad". This magical place, the Loreley Rock, is part of the Rhine Romanticism and world-famous. Even today, it still fascinates millions of visitors from all over the world. The legends about the Loreley and the depiction of romanticism, but also the natural and cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley have been awarded the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Loreley is world famous.

Now the plateau is being converted on a large scale to a fairground. It is an incredible tragedy that the new look and function of the Loreley Plateau in no way do justice to the special mythical, scenic and cultural value of the region.

What exactly is being criticized
Wide concrete roads have been laid out, the natural areas have disappeared, people are shaping the remaining space with concrete and call it nature. The Loreley, the symbol of freedom and nature, will in future be hidden behind thick walls, in a "myth room ". An investor is building a huge hotel and vacation village on one of the most beautiful spots on the plateau. The beautiful, natural views of the plateau from the surrounding vantage points, described by the poets, now meet prefabricated wooden houses that are being built directly on the edge of the Rhine. They are completely unrelated to the culture of the rock or the building culture of the Middle Rhine. Neither the history, nor the special features of the cultural landscape become recognizable and experienceable for the visitors. Rhine romanticism in the future will be wooden prefabricated house culture. This has nothing to do with a world heritage site!

Why is this development to be criticized
The Loreley is a draft horse for people all over the world. Its name alone has a lasting impact on its cultural identity and tourist profile. As one of the most distinctive places within the cultural landscape, the Loreley has a natural charisma. Rocks, Rhine and the unique view from the plateau edges down to the flowing river are why visitors from all over the world come here. To follow the traces of cultural history, to trace the myth of the Loreley, or simply to enjoy the natural experience of the viewpoint, that was the impressive uniqueness of this place shrouded in legend.

The world famous rock is now becoming a faceless place for mass tourism. This is not our Loreley of the future. We want to pass on the world heritage of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley intact to future generations.

All developments here are of great importance for the World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley. However, they also demonstrate the claim to sustainable protection of the World Heritage Sites as a whole.

Would you agree with this? Then please support us.

The Loreley, a symbol of romance and freedom, runs the risk of being locked up behind concrete walls in a museum surrounded by high-rise buildings and parking lots. Investors will get rich and nature will lose out.



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