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An: World PEN Association(PEN International) und World Human Rights Organization

Wir fordern die sofortige Freilassung der Schriftsteller aus dem Gefängnis

Wir fordern die sofortige Freilassung der Schriftsteller aus dem Gefängnis

The  joint statement of Iranian Writers Association ( IWA )  "in exile" and  Iranian Pen centre" in exile"
Free the imprisoned Iranian writers unconditionally now!
Dear compatriots, freedom -loving people of the world
The Islamic Republic of Iran, in its continuous and relentless campaign of repression, sensorship, arrests, terror, assasinations and  mass executions, has yet again arrested and imprisoned another group of Iranian writers, poets and journalists in Iran. On Saturday 05 Mehr 1399, two of the current board members of the IWA, namely Mr Reza Khandanhe (Mahabadi) and Mr Bektash Abtin and a former board member of IWA, Mr Kayvan Bazhen  were arrested and imprisoned by the Islamic Repuplic. These writers were apprehended due to their beliefs and relentless efforts  in defence of unreserved freedom of speech, expression and thought ( freedom without any restrictions, barriers and exceptions).  All three were falsely charged with "anti- goverment propaganda" and "conspiracy and assosiation to plot against the national security of the country"; the charges also included " publication of internal bulletin of IWA,  cooperation in writing the history and statements of IWA and participation in gatherings for anniversaries of  Mohamad Jafar Pouyandeh, Mohamad Mokhtari and Ahmed Shamloo". More writers, poets and journalists have been arrested or imprisoned or summoned to Islamic courts in the past few weeks; these include Mr Aresh Ganji, Ms Geeti Pour Fazel, Mr Reza Esmaeili, Ms Shabnam Aashouri, Mr Anlovaar Gholi Vand, Ms Neda Pir Khezrian, Mr Aresh Johari, Mr Andisheh Sadri, Ms Mina Rad, Mr Khosro Sadeghi Broojeni etc etc.
Freedom-loving people of the World
The Islamic Repulic regime soon revealed its sensoring and repressive nature in early stage of its fomation when its founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, ordered  " break these pens" and  issused an edict for assasination of Salmaan Roshdi few years later. This regime has brutally and barbarically violated the human rights of Iranian people for more than four decades. This regime has ruled  in violation of  all international norms and accords on human rights charter and murdered many writers, poets and journalists;  and  has toutured, insulted, humiliated, socially deprived, imprisoned and sent into exile many more.
We the under-signed of this statement condemn the anti- human rights activities of this regime and hold responsible the leader of the Islamic Republic, Judiciary and the Minestry of Intelligence and other officials in charge, for the safety and well being  of the detained writers.
We the under-signed of this statement call upon the freedom-loving people of the world, writers and free press associations (Pen) and all human rights institutions throughout the world to raise their objections against the repressive policies of the Islamic Republic and condemn opperessive and unjust prison sentences in Iran.
Lets get together and stand up against continuous repression imposed by  the Islamic Republic regime. Lets stop the endless  and insatiable appettite of this regime for blood, execution, torture and imprisoning.
Let us enhance our beliefs on freedom of thought, speech, expression  and on the integrity and dignity of human beings,  by supporting the imprisoned writers in Iran and demanding their immediate and unconditional release.
We the under-signed of this statement demand the immediate waiver of the prison sentences of the detained writers and unconditional release of all   prisoners of conscience,  civil and trade union movement activists in Iran.
Board of the IWA in exile
Hossein Afsahi (writer and stage director),  Ehsan Haghighi Nezhad ( poet and writer),  Manoocher Doosti (poet), Ali Asghar Fardad (poet and translator),  Masoud Noghrehkar (writer and researcher),
Board of Irnian Pen  Centre in Exile
 Ziba Karbassi (poet), Ali Kamrani (stage actor and poet) Siavash Mirzadeh (poet and writer)

Warum ist das wichtig?

Wir bemühen uns, die Meinungs- und Schreibfreiheit in der Gesellschaft zu verteidigen. Schriftsteller im Iran wurden zu Gefängnisstrafen verurteilt, nur weil sie ihre Werke geschrieben und veröffentlicht und sich in der iranischen Schriftstellervereinigung organisiert hatten, um gegen die Zensur zu protestieren.
Wir bitten alle, die an die Freiheit von Kunst und Literatur glauben, sowie Schriftsteller und Künstler, sich uns anzuschließen und durch gemeinsame Anstrengungen die Freiheit der Schriftsteller im Iran zu fordern.
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